My Journey

I worked as a Quality Analyst at a Fortune 500 company with a good salary and an easy job. I used to have massive credit card bills as I used it mercilessly everywhere possible. Although the salary was good my extensive use of credit card kept increasing till a month arrived where the bill was greater than my pay for the month and I just couldn't pay it any longer. I was also completing my education and was in the final year of my graduation. I wanted to leave the organization to study hard and get good grades and work at an even better company with a better salary. I had left the job for studies and which looked like the worst decision I had ever taken in my life. I left the job without any planning. I had $2000 worth of debt with no source of income plus I had to pay my final year fees as well.

I was already feeling the blow where I had no money for my self and used up all my savings till I realized I couldn't even borrow it from my dad cause guess what? COVID - 19 had struck my dad's business. With the whole country under lockdown, there was absolutely no one in my house that was earning. Everyone blamed me as I had left my company right before the unforeseen disaster that was gonna catch us. Little did I know the mysterious year of 2020 was gonna bring me an opportunity of a lifetime. Where after thinking for many years earning money online was a scam I actually had a chance to earn something for myself. This turned into a passion where I am on a mission to make at least 10 more online businesses every year. I took courses as cheaply as possible only to find them full of value.


Obviously, when everything turned me down, the only thing that I had left was hope! And thus started a series of different types of businesses that I went on creating. This made me think about how hard life could get and how important it is to have a source of passive income. I am not here like the others to sell you a course or a product, but I often recommend the products that I have used along the way and are proven to help you as well on your journey. Enough about me off to the blog

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