• Ayub Khan

5 things to consider before starting with Amazon FBA

Updated: Jan 12

Starting with Amazon FBA can often be overwhelming and hence here I list the top 5 things that you would most definitely require before putting your foot in the E-com world.

Read through it carefully as this would either make or break your business!

1. Having the right mindset:

  • Most people who teach or mentor in Amazon FBA show it as a no hard work scheme, which is absolutely not true!

  • Starting with the right mindset will decide the future of your business (when will it be successful, how to scale, how big of a company it will become etc)

  • Train your mind and it will reap the benefits

2. Enroll in a course:

  • YouTube is the real deal in the information age providing free content.

  • However, purchasing a course actually provides a road map on how to achieve your goal with Amazon FBA.


  • Pick a course that is budget-friendly and provides enough value to cover everything on how to sell on Amazon.

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3. Invest in software:

  • This might sound a bit crazy but if not in the start you would definitely require software like Helium 10 or Viral Launch in the long run. These are power-packed tools that are key to product research, product SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Amazon business management.

  • These tools are driven by data provided by amazon and help in validating product ideas to almost everything that can be optimized in your Amazon business. I cannot stress how easy your life would become as an Amazon Seller if you use these tools.

  • Both of these tools provide free trials so you can get used to their interface before making a purchase.


  • For starters, it is best to start with a trial and fidget around with these tools and learn about the experience. If satisfied which I am sure you will you can make a purchase and start your amazon journey with a bang!

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4. Have enough money:

  • This goes without saying as it is a physical product-based business it requires money to grow money. As easy as it all sounds it is not a "Get rich quick" scheme, it is a real business and would require time and effort to succeed. Although compared to various other businesses it is easily scalable.

  • It is often hard to decide the amount of money required to start as an Amazon seller as there are various factors that determine it like niche, product quality, competitors, etc.

  • It would be safe to say at least a $1000 - $2000 should be a good start, but it could be higher or lower depending on each product. This can be determined by using either Helium 10 or Viral Launch this could help in understanding the market needs and how many resources would be required.

5. Pick a Niche:

  • You must have heard this a million times if you have been doing your research on how to start on Amazon. The only reason this is so important is cause this defines the path you would be taking as an Amazon seller.

  • Picking a niche for which you have a passion, could motivate you to easily scale the business contrary to the high money-making niches which wouldn't sound attractive in the long run. Whenever starting a business always think about the long run.


  • Write down your passion and understand the markets you can reach and help people.

  • Focus on improving the customer experience, by providing real value you will automatically be making sales.

  • To find a product or a niche you can use the Black Box product research by Helium 10 or Product Discovery by Viral Launch. These tools provide statistical analysis and help in deciding the product you want by identifying the market needs for you!


  • There isn't a better time to start earning money online than today!

  • Your mindset would either make or break your business.

  • A good course does not need to be expensive.

  • Invest in Helium 10 or Viral Launch these tools will definitely help you in sustaining your business.

  • Determine your niche and have enough resources to enter your market

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