• Ayub Khan

Are Amazon FBA Courses worth it?

Updated: Jan 12

Undoubtedly Amazon is currently the biggest thing right now, with the current pandemic shopping online is the new norm and Amazon is leading the way with its superfast and reliable service. This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Unfortunately, there are "Gurus" who like to take advantage of the situation and sell their expensive courses with their flashy intros and fake testimonials and you end up being trapped in a course that emptied your pocket and crashed your dreams, the end result - you end up thinking everything out there is fake. I am writing this article to help you know that the world isn't so bad and there are still people who are willing to provide value!

Would you spend thousands of dollars on knowing how to buy an expensive car rather than starting a business?

I am not saying all the expensive courses which are offered are bad but do you really need to spend so much to learn!

I believe knowledge should be free but this world is far from helping others and is busy filling its own pockets. However, there are some courses which give a lot of value for a small amount compared to its rivals. Most of the time the amount invested in courses can often be invested practically in the business itself.

"A smart move would be to invest in a course which fits well within the budget and put the remainder of the amount in starting the business."

If you are new to Amazon FBA check out the 5 things you should consider before starting out.

Courses are a great way to up-skill yourself but should they be expensive, Absolutely NO!

3 questions to ask before purchasing a course -

1. Is there a knowledge gap between you and your business goal?

  • Starting with Amazon FBA you are bound to go through some pitfalls which require experience.

  • You can obviously search YouTube for the same, but it is better to be prepared beforehand and not after encountering the problem.

  • If you are confident enough to take the journey alone there shouldn't be a problem, but to be on the safer side you should consider a course to bridge the gap to success with Amazon.

  • Although if you are already an experienced seller, getting a mentor would be more beneficial to you to scale the business rather than a course.

2. Does the Course fit in your money budget?

  • It is always better to know if the course is well within reach of your budget cause it would not make sense if your starting capital is $1000 and you invest all of it in a course with little to no money left to even kick-start your Amazon journey.

  • A course price should be such which is worth the knowledge as well as saves you enough to invest in your business.

  • YouTube is a free resource however, it does not completely deal with all the problems an Amazon FBA seller might encounter.

3. How does the course instructor earn?

  • This is very important as there are many who solely earn the money by selling their courses and have no real-life experience of selling on Amazon.

  • It is important to know the sources of income of these instructors to verify if they actually have experience of what they are teaching.

  • Social proof is also a major factor before choosing a course but beware of fake testimonials as this is where scammers earn their money from.


It is hard to decide if you need a course or if you are better off with the free resources. Buying a course will help you to learn a skill and bridge the knowledge gap but you also need to consider if you have the time and money to follow through with the course.

With Amazon FBA a hot topic there are numerous choices to select but are they even worth it?

Here are three courses that are most valuable for money according to me and this should help you to start your Amazon FBA business with a rock-solid foundation!

  1. The Last Amazon Course by Brock Johnson ($1/week)

  2. Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 (Worth $997 but free with Helium 10 software)

  3. How to sell on Amazon by Viral Launch (Free Course)

Click here for a detailed review on The Last Amazon Course

If you use any of these courses leave a comment below if they are worth it!