• Ayub Khan

How to Level-Up with Helium 10 (9 New Tools and Features)

Updated: Jan 12

Just when we all thought there couldn't be any upgrades to the Amazon Seller's favorite tool - Helium 10 just over-delivered!

Helium 10 Just launched a series of 9 new breathtaking awesome tools and features to their existing powerful tool suite and made our Amazon Journey even easier. It only makes sense for a company trusted by thousands of successful sellers to produce something as life-changing as this.

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Check out the list below and see what's in it for you on your path to success with Amazon.

1. Helium 10 Seller Assistant Chrome Extension:

  • This free Chrome extension will help you as a seller to request bulk reviews from your customers in just one click. You can ask for customer reviews 5 days from the purchase until 30 days.

  • This tool automatically sends a message to the customer for review, keeping in mind the guidelines provided by Amazon. It cannot get much easier than this! get the free Seller Assistant Chrome Extension here.

2. Market Alerts:

  • This is an absolutely amazing tool to help you keep an eye out for the slightest of changes made by your competitors.

  • You receive a notification for every new instance that occurs on your competitor's listing like changing a product image or even a small price change or any new words added or removed in their listings.

  • This is a game-changer and will help you as a seller to grow quickly as you adapt to the changing markets. Check out this tool right here!

3. Helium 10 Academy:

  • If Helium 10 is a big task for you with so many tools, this is your time to level up with this interactive training which is designed to make every seller a professional in using the Helium 10 Software.

  • With training provided by Helium 10 experts, this is also a completely free addition to the Helium 10 tool suite, explore the Helium 10 Academy here.

4. Keyword Tracker with Instant History:

  • Tracking keywords is one of the essentials of running an Amazon business with this added feature now you can examine the history of new keywords tracked for your own products as well as your competitors.

  • Now track your competitor's PPC strategies, see historical relative rank and if you are switching from another software to Helium 10 you will no longer lose your old keyword data.

  • Switching to Helium 10 just got a lot more interesting! Check out the keyword tracker here.

5. Freedom Ticket XTRA:

  • This is one of the biggest features added to this already amazing set of tools. Jumping into Amazon can be pretty exhausting and if you plunge in without any guidance there are high chances for you to fail.

  • Helium 10 is introducing Freedom Ticket Xtra so you can avoid the high paying mentoring fees and get complete assistance in starting your very first Amazon FBA business or scaling your existing one. Check out the details here!

6. Amazon PPC Audit:

  • Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seller the key to a successful business is to know how, when, and for what price to advertise.

  • This completely free tool helps sellers to determine what keywords to spend on and evaluates how to maximize the efficiency of ad spend.

  • An all in one tool that helps manage PPC campaigns and helps select high converting and high profitable keywords.

  • Simple to use, just upload a search term report from seller central and determine your ACoS (Ads Cost over Sale)

  • And depending on the report the tool will give you ratings and suggestions on how to improve your campaign.

7. ADS (Automated data solutions):

  • An upgrade in the PPC campaigns where you can completely automate your PPC game! The tool does it all for you from researching keywords to determining the cost for it.

  • You can determine your budget and leave everything to this tool. Currently in BETA testing and only available for Diamond club members. After successful testing, there may be plans to get this tool for Platinum club members as well.

  • Keep yourself posted with the Helium 10 Blog for the latest news.

8. Inventory Management:

  • This is probably one of the biggest reveals by Helium 10.

  • The worst nightmare for any Amazon Seller is to go out of stock, but what if we had a tool that did the forecasting for us? and that too without the heavy excel files!

  • Sounds too good to be true but yes with the introduction of inventory management you can now stay in the sweet spot of never running out of stock!

  • You can now add all your suppliers with lead times and order frequency to help in getting customized suggestions on restocking. A complete suite for inventory management with forecasting on exactly how many units to order, its cost, how much profit can you make, and many more features.

  • Now you can also assign your inbound shipment without going to seller central! It can't get any cooler than this. The tool is not yet released but the dates are as follows -

  • July 13 for Elite members,

  • July 20 for Diamond Members and

  • July 27 for Platinum members.

The Final Reveal

9. Alta By Helium 10:


  • With the addition of Alta to the Helium 10 suite of tools, you can now effortlessly fund, pay, and control your capital with financial solutions designed specifically for e-commerce business.

  • It is not 1 but a set of 5 tools!

  • Details are as follows -

a) VAT & GST Service:

  • Get solutions for registering, filing, and paying for VAT & GST in Europe, UK, and Canada.

b) Marketplace Payout:

  • Now you don't need to set up a Foreign Bank Account to receive funds in another country. Receive money in your Alta wallet for up to 30+ international currencies.

c) Supplier Pay:

  • Your one-stop solution for payments across all your suppliers, warehouses, logistics companies, etc without losing money on conversion ever again.

  • Pay everyone from one central dashboard. Now you can convert between 37 currencies, send payments across 200+ countries, remember suppliers for future faster transactions, keep multiple currencies all in one wallet and this is just to name a few.

d) Daily Advance:

  • Now you do not need to wait for 14 days to receive profits from amazon get your sales payout the next day and that too EVERY day!

  • To qualify you to need to be selling in the US market with minimum gross monthly sales of 2k in the last 3 months and should have signed up for the wallet feature by Alta.

  • Additional fees of 2% of the gross amount will be directly netted when you receive the amazon payout. Now you have more control over your cash-flow to readily invest the money further!

e) Credit Line:

It all ends with a bang with the craziest feature.

  • Get funding options with credit limits of up to $1M based on business size, performance, and other factors. Get credit directly to your digital wallet or to your bank account. It's too good of a feature and hence approval will be on a case to case basis!

Alta Recap

  • The never seen before tools to take you to the next level of e-commerce greatness to help you level-up your journey!

Conclusion: To be completely honest I would always prefer Helium 10 over Viral launch and jungle scout, with the addition of these new tools and features, Helium 10 just aced the software market by miles.

Helium 10 has done to the software world what E-commerce did to brick and mortar business. It is not just software but a revolution.

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